Hair Care 101: How to Wrap Your Hair


One of the questions that I’m constantly asked by clients is “how do I wrap my hair?” And I get it. You spend all this time and money to look fly, but you’re not entirely sure how to keep your ‘do’ looking fresh. Wrapping your hair prevents damage while you sleep (no tangles or tugging here!) and prolongs your style. Keep reading to find out my secrets for a wrap that will work wonders.

Step 1

Okay, first things first, you need to make sure that your scarf (satin is best, boo!) and pillow are clean following your appointment. Nothing’s worst than going home with a clean head to a dirty scarf.

Step 2

Comb your hair through first before wrapping it. I suggest using a styler tool comb because of its versatility.

Bonus tip: Feel free to add a little oil before you wrap or unwrap your hair. Moisture is key and your tresses will thank you!

Step 3

Starting at the crown of your hair, brush your hair forward. Be sure to brush out your part, too. (Don’t worry, it’ll fall back into place when you unwrap your hair.)

Step 4

Brush your hair in a circle around your head – think of it as a giant curler! (You can ignore that hump on the top – that’s where all of your curls and volume are.) For best results, use a paddle or bristle brush.

Step 5

Place your scarf on top of your head, tie it, and then turn it in the same direction that you wrapped your hair. (This will help you avoid that irritating knot print.)

That’s it, now you’re ready for bed, and you’ll wake up feeling #flawless!

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Pedro Vega Jr.Comment