Hair Care 101: Sexy Time and Your ‘Do’


Imagine this scenario: It’s Friday night, you’re leaving the salon, and your hair is slayed to the heavens. But then bae decides he wants to get it in. What’s a girl to do? Before you sweat out your edges, read this post, and save your hair.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing your scarf or bonnet, chances are you and your boo will be more in the mood if you don’t (let’s be real: it’s hard to feel like Beyoncé when you’re looking like Aunt Jemima).

To protect your ‘do,’ try taking control.

Cowgirl (or reverse cowgirl, if that’s more your jam) is a sexy position that will turn him on and simultaneously protect your style. It’s a win-win! If that’s not possible, or you’re not that flexible (no shade), then it it’s time to invest in a silk pillowcase, which won’t dry out your hair like cotton pillows. Say “hello” to your new best friend.

Don’t fall asleep!

For the love of all things holy, as soon as you’re done with your love session, run – do not walk – to the bathroom to wrap your hair. Apply a little oil to your hair, and brush it through really well with a demi brush. This way, the air can help your hair to dry faster.

Most importantly, you want to get rid of those tangles. If you fall asleep without brushing your hair, you can forget all about that cute hairstyle the next day.

And if all of this sounds like too much work, then you may want to consider a protective style, such as a sew-in. While you can curl your extensions the next day, you’ll still want to brush those tangles out before falling asleep.

Use these tips before sexy time, and your hair will thank you!

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